/applycustomnumber - Applies the custom number attached to your character to your main phone. If you want to view all configured bindings in your console, you can list them using the bind command. Cuffs the player. surrender hammer Console commands vary from user to developer modes. Useful to see why some people do or don't have access to certain commands, example output: Set an archived variable on the client. Raised Hand: Medium Skin Tone. For example, to burp you could either type /e burp or ;burp on the chat command line. nervous You need to confirm this again with the same command and confirm in front. sitlean RPEmotes is a Community driven FiveM emote menu with human, animal and prop support, inspired by @Dullpear_dev's dpemotes. mindblown cpr2 You can only bind 6 emotes with the script, and you are required to have a full 100% keyboard. dancesilly5 scared2 wave /pbusiness [BUSINESS ID] - Allows employees to control property (lock/unlock doors etc). facepalm3 Convert ESX Scripts to QBUS/QBCore in FiveM, How to Create a FiveM Server on a Windows VPS, Find the perfect scripts for your FiveM Server. passout3 You can disable / change the keybind for the emote menu (F3) by default. /id [PartOfName] - Tells you the ID of a player. Alternatively type /swithdrawall to withdraw all cash. teddy 50056 - Pillbox Hill Medical Center Landline. /hud - Removes all GTA:W HUD Elements including money, location and the bottom text. You raise a drink in the air before chugging it down. /stopeffect - Cancels a drug effect if a minute has passed already. /checkdirt - This will show you the amount of dirt on the vehicle, accumulated through driving over time. How much of the GPU Engine's computing power is being utilized. /stolenvehicles - This command presents a list of vehicles reported as stolen. With arms flapping, you strut around %s. petting /sheriffshat - Gives the player a sheriff's hat. The variables are saved in %AppData%\CitizenFX\fivem.cfg and %AppData%\CitizenFX\redm.cfg. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. /pentrance - Sets the entrance of your property (you use this to enter/exit), /putlock - Puts a lock on a door that is compatible. ItemID is the ID of the note in your inventory, amount is how many notes you want the command to affect and name is the name of the note. /togambience - Enable the ambience back again. /w [ID/PartOfName] [TEXT] - Whisper - Sends a whisper to person of your choice. Additionally, this one also lets you set certain animations to loop, or just stop after it goes through the animation ones. DING! Switches client frames-per-second counter on and off. think2 /givepropertykey [ID/PartOfName] - Gives the target player a key to your property. dance7 L: L ock your vehicle. /seasharkpassenger - Lets people sit on your seashark as a passenger. Emote Command Anim Voice No Target Text Targeted Text /absent: You look absent-minded. Bring it fools! This command is used near the vehicle you want to tow. If he had to make a video, then he would have to showcase 356 emotes Thats waaay too many emotes. lol2 /construction - Allows exterior mapping, you need to first request permission from admin with /report and also need Platinum Donator. Initiate a 911 call. lookout If . . /engine or Press Y - Turns on the engine of the vehicle you're sitting in. /examine [ID/PartOfName] - It shows the attributes the target player has set so you can roleplay accordingly. /e sit /picnic /kneel /smoke /injured (1-3) /clipboard /notes /clean /traffic /cop /guard /wave /nod /wtf /scared . /setcoords teleport to coordinates. It should keep track of metrics like ping, received packets and bytes, sent packets and bytes and the amount of leanbar4 /cellinfo - Gives you information about your cell. /spitem [ItemID] [AMOUNT] - Places an item from your inventory into the safe. Actions are a feature first introduced in the original release of Grand Theft Auto Online for the Online Player, and extended to Grand Theft Auto V in Snapmatic selfie mode for the three Protagonists in the enhanced version. you can also do It with the sit on floor emote lol get close to the locked door do the emote then x to get back up and your free lol. Additional commands type fallover2 /backup : Request backup from other players with the same job. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Must be used once your priority call has concluded. You think %s is the son of a motherless ogre. wait5 A resource for FiveM that can handle playing emotes in game by reading from a config file and using exports. if you do not wanna use advanced keybinding set SqlKeybinding to false in Config.lua, U key to Ragdoll (can be disabled in script, for servers that use it for other stuff), X key to cancel emote (can be disabled in script, for servers that use it for other stuff), /emotemenu = to display a menu with all the emotes, F3 = to display a menu with all the emotes/other menus, /nearby (nearbyemotename) to invite nearby player to a nearbyemote. fightme2 You can also install additional Click here. Hopefully that's helpful. Left click to take a picture, scroll to zoom in/out, right click to remove. /vdoor [DOOR] - Opens/Closes the door of the vehicle. /cam - Pulls out a camera. /stopnews - Disable radio interviews in global chat. They are also featured in Free Mode, where they can be . wait6 sitscared2 /enablepointing - This will permanently save your choice to enable pointing with B for this character. crossarms4 Example danceslow3 REMEMBER TO ROLEPLAY EVERYTHING. would appear as Rowan Smith smiles to the beggar as he offers him some food. If you leave the location blank it will fetch your current street and area and put that down as your location. blowkiss threaten You're too sexy for your tunicso sexy it hurts. /wireaccept - This will accept a wire request. This command configures the minimum number of packets the client should send per second. passout2 wave9 Useful if you have menus or flyers. slide2 On the other hand, developer options require special settings, or the access will be denied. idle5 To enable developer options, you must launch the FiveM client using the, By using this code, the client console will be automatically disconnected from the, Another variety of bind code where an input. keyfob Accepted values: 1(clear), 2(clouds), 3(smog), 4(fog), 5(overcast), 6(rain), 7(thunderstorm), 8(clearing) or -1 for real-time sync. All of the following commands apply to that character and you must select a character within 2 minutes of joining the server or you will be automatically kicked. bow2 /sv [PRICE] [ID/PartOfName] - Sells a vehicle to a player of your choice. wait9 This is a list of known emotes. weld smoke2 He does use props - And the list is in the client.lua. If you want to execute commands on the client console, you can press F8. FiveM Products (1953) FiveM Anticheat Scripts (2) FiveM EUP & FiveM Clothes (34) FiveM Launchers (4) /placesafe [VERSION] - Places a safe on the ground. So if you start with /g maybe /givecash command will come up. You drop your trousers and moon everyone. You can also use /sa as an alternative. /agree: You agree. cpr /attributes - Brings up a CEF menu where you can modify your character's age and attributes. Alternatively use the "X" menu. /helpup [ID/PartOfName] - Allows you to pick-up a wounded player assuming they don't have any fatal injuries. bouquet How long it takes to get a response from the server (round trip time). /pma [ID/PartOfName] - Sends a private message to an admin. * Others see: Jorna 's fat bear Mad wants to eat a gnome. You can take items in vehicle using the "I" menu by accessing "Vehicle Inventory" option. You can drop items using the "I" menu. tryclothes3 /uptime - See the current server uptime from the most recent restart/crash. Allows you to refill your taser cartridges at selected locations (LEO: Stations) (Civ: Ammunations). Alias: /bd. /mincident [title/location/situation/done] [text] - Following the correct syntac (first title -> location -> situation -> done) it will generate a custom incident on your current location, custom incidents are visible on the emergency map in CAD. notepad2 /niners - This will open a list of recent 911 calls with the ability to set a GPS marker, see responding units and mark yourself as responding, marking yourself as responding automatically updates the character's status. Shows a list of current objects and nodes being synchronized over the network, when game state awareness is enabled. knock2 Now that you are ready to bind the key press f8 and write this to the console: Copy to clipboard. Change highlight colour with /highlightcolour. scared This will be broadcasted to the LSSD discord. healthkit Latest emote menu with 1050+ Animation,Props,Dance,Reactions,Moods,Walking styles,Sex emotes. In quiet contemplation, you mourn the loss of the dead. Using /enablepointing again will disable it. crossarms6 You can bind a key if you don't want to use it. gangsign2 /takeplant - Destroys the plant before it's fully grown. The netgraph consists of a graph and basic information about the network: The graph represents how many packets have been sent or received of a certain kind. You also need a deck of cards that you can buy from a 24/7 to play Poker. stretch /removekey [tenantID] or /kicktenant [tenantID] - Removes the target player's access to your property. leanhigh book Writes the current Area of Patrol in chat. think3 jumpingjacks I am going to compile a full list of emotes. type3 /pickupcrate - At a supplier's location, use this command to receive a crate. To find XMR IDs go to the UCP and click on 'XMR LIST'. No problem. RAGE_EXTRA3. It does not effect what you or other PetEmote users will see. /purgefront : Toggle the front Nitrous purge nozzles, /purgetop : Toggle the top Nitrous purge nozzles, Helicopter Sirens: Q, R, and both at the same time. /f [TEXT] - Sends a message to faction chat. Shuffle to the driver seat from the passenger seat. bun and lowbun are restricted to female characters. Sets the music volume for the game when connected to a network game. The shout text goes inside the interior. /intercom [TEXT] - Use the intercom at a business to announce stuff. So you can use other keys to perform different actions. sitdrunk /chatsize [NUMBER] - Increases or decreases your chatsize(more text without having to scroll). clipboard /sellcrate - Use this command to sell the crate at the shipment's destination. idledrunk2 airsynth Alias: /vd. slowclap3 situp Remove previous vehicles saved speed and reset by pressing G. CAPS LOCK : Favorite Emote (bindable in F3). Looks like a nice release, can you just please add the emotes list, maybe a video or two and specifie if your emotes use props or not? Dont expect any support from me, other commenters have been supportive though so you can use the thread to ask questions. Ensure you type "confirm" at the end.